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Case 1

At my first meeting with Stephen Lawson & Scott Green, I knew I was in the hands of professionals with extensive knowledge.  They clearly understood my concerns and vision.   

I could not be more happy with the service and results from Finance Marketing Solutions.   Our end product is an amazing website that is informative, functional and more importantly than anything, DIFFERENT from our competitors.  Scott was always patient, polite and practical with our requests and everything was executed and completed in the timeline allocated.

I’m so happy with the results, we have them working on another site.


Gabrielle Vittori, Choice Debt Solutions

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Case 2

Setting up a mobilised website has allowed our mortgage mentoring business to deploy tools to our mortgage brokers quickly and with virtually little expense, as well as eliminating a whole host of maintenance issues.  Instead of deploying mobile apps, Finance Marketing Solutions has allowed us to access virtually all smartphones that our prospective clients  and mortgage brokers use – irrespective of whether they use an iOS, Android or Microsoft device.  This meant that we could engage with prospective brokers quicker and provide updates to our members easily – and we only have to maintain the one website.  And the monthly statistics give us visibility on what works, allowing us to focus our marketing resources on activities that pay off.  We would recommend Finance Marketing Solutions to anyone looking to mobilize their business.

Andrew Tan, Masters Broker Group